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Houston is an ever changing and ever growing city, and we often come into contact with various people from different backgrounds. How often do we sit down and think about those that we walk by, drive by or even stand behind in line? What’s their story? Are they going through similar experiences like me? 
Chronicles of a Collective is a chance for artists to share their stories of struggle, triumph, and the humorous experiences we often find ourselves in. We want this show to spark conversations that we may not usually have with people we may not usually speak to. With this show, we hope to bring the artist community and audience closer than ever. Each selected body of work will include a story relating to the work, and why that event meant so much to them that they had to capture it. No story is too risqué, miserable, embarrassing or even too hilarious to share. Let’s share our chronicles of life to the city of Houston as a collective group of individuals.  

Featuring work from these talented artists:

Albert Muhlenbruch
Christopher Oddo
Ali Rizk
Elizabeth Cook
Karen Waxler
Lauren Janelle
Heather Wall
Jimmy Vasquez
Rebis Alobar
Derrick Abner
Rictor Art
Jennifer Andrews
Marisol Hiedra
Ronald L. Jones
Christal Palladino
Lisa Ramirez

Food will be provided by BoomBox Taco!

Show Fee:
If accepted, there will be an entry fee of $10.00 per piece of work due at drop off date. We accept cash & cards ONLY. 

Art Submission Guidelines:
1. All work must be original by the artist, created within the last two (2) years.
2. All work must be available for purchase.
3. All artwork must be "wired" and ready to sawtooth hangers or loose paper. We can and will reject work that is NOT properly prepared for installation. 
4. 3D work must be presented on an ARTIST SUPPLIED box-type white pedestal
5. 2D art work cannot exceed 50” in any direction including frame
and 3D art work cannot exceed 36” in any direction
6. All work should be properly labeled on the back with: Artist’s Name, Title, Date, Medium, Size (including frame), Price, Phone # & Email.
7. Artist MUST include written or typed statement to include alongside their work. Remember the point of this show is to share our stories, so a statement is a MUST.

SHOW: July 29th 2017 at Walters Downtown 6-11pm
Art Submission Deadline: July 7th 12:00 am
(Participating Artists will be emailed by July 9th)
Drop Off: July 15th & 16th 12pm-3pm @ Walters Downtown
Pick up of unsold art: Work must be taken down at the end of the show
Fees: We will not be taking any commission from work, so artists are expected to stay the duration of the show for their own sales.