1120 Naylor Houston,TX 77002

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BUY TICKETS  8 PM DOORS / 9 PM SHOW / $10 / ALL AGES - new LP Population out 5/5!

“… juggles drone noise, jazz improvisation, shoegaze, and postpunk with deftness; the seams don’t show. The impressionist ‘Fog, Doves’ gathers itself up very gradually, building dreamscapes out of instrumental driftwood and wistful vocal turns. ‘Defector’ lures us with florid, crisp krautrock before tumbling into a no-wave chasm; ‘Gambian Blue Wave’ is a concise piece of modern composition pop. Anyone fortunate enough to have seen Sonic Youth live in non-festival settings should understand what ‘a local Sonic Youth opening act’ is: a band that doesn’t sound like Sonic Youth exactly, but eschews musical specificity, lyrical sloganeering, and showboating, for amorphous improv adventure… Crown Larks might be the ultimate ‘local Sonic Youth opening act.’” - The Village Voice

“Crown Larks threw psych-rock, noise music, and free jazz into one album-shaped pot and stirred until the whole thing combusted. ‘Chapels’ is one of the more straightforward tracks — and even that spins out into a demented keyboard boogie towards the end — but now they’ve shared a new video that significantly ups the weirdness factor. The band plays in grotesque masks and costumes while two wraithlike women wander around various landscapes, contorting their bodies inhumanly…” - Stereogum