1120 Naylor Houston,TX 77002

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8 PM / ALL AGES / $7

Bestial Mouths is led through shrieking tempests and wraithlike wails by Lynette Cerezo, who summons haunting tales into existence, conjuring an in-your-face experience both visually and sonically, equally across stages and records. Their bewitching live performances take audiences on a dialectical journey juxtaposing consciousness with the unconscious, as she expresses her soul-shaking visions with anecdotal abstractions from her personal past with the darkest depths of the human condition. 
After leaving behind a career in fashion design, and a past in political activism for gender equality, Cerezo’s path led her to finally find her own voice - literally as well as symbolically – in singing. Her sonorous vocal delivery became her most powerful tool to articulate her passion for music and arts, as well as to convey her compassionate effort to relieve the struggle of life’s plights. 

The pure magic of being truly free on stage allows her to give her heart to the open souls, to share that life force, in hope that it makes them feel alive for a moment too. Captivated by tribal rhythms and inspired by the emotional vocal range of gypsy singers, her urge for experimentation and constant learning are key to her creative process and musical progression. 

Bestial Mouths’ sound draws on many genre influences such as goth, industrial, post-punk, new wave, minimal synth, noise, metal, experimental, avant-garde and electronic music, while also experimenting with other art forms, wanting the audience & listener to feel, enticing them to think and experience all new realms with music that reflects the past, present and the future. 

The band has toured North America and Europe extensively in the past, having shared stages with the likes of Psychic TV, Austra, Chelsea Wolfe, Suicide Commando, David J. (of Bauhaus & Love and Rockets), King Dude, Youth Code, Cut Hands and Light Asylum, and worked with various acclaimed producers such as David Psutka of Egyptrixx, Danny Saber of Black Grape and Jürgen Engler of Die Krupps. 

In 2016, Bestial Mouths played almost 20 dates across Europe - featuring a new lineup inspired by Cerezo’s previous EU tours and forward-thinking interests. With Brant Showers (ΔAimon / SØLVE) on electronic + live percussion and Eddie O on electronics + video, the band was able to experiment further with its sound and imagery using technology in new ways to them. 

A finalist for Best Band of 2016 in the Auxiliary Magazine Awards (alongside Youth Code, IAMX and Cold Cave), 2017 saw Bestial Mouths going on their first North American tour in over two years, in support of their most recent Heartless LP, which was produced by Jürgen Engler (of Die Krupps). The (Still) Heartless remix EP featuring reinterpretations by a diverse group of artists - such as Zanias (of Linea Aspera) and former Atari Teenage Riot member and Saul Williams collaborator CX Kidtronik (Stones Throw) - and video for “Worn Skin” coincided with the tour.