1120 Naylor Houston,TX 77002

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The Grizzly Band - (Altercation Records)
This band has reached amazing stride's since they're 2012 inception, and the momentum behind them keeps growing and growing!! 
Revealing they’re inspirations from the talents of Bruce Springsteen, Lucero, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, and Jawbreaker, this band comes out with a More than mesmerizing performance. The mixture of punk, rock n roll, and country (esq) overtones is almost mind boggling. The kind of band that leaves you in absolute awe! True southern whisky punk! 
The band has recently shared the stage with such contemporaries as Zeke, Old Man Markley, Riverboat Gamblers, 2 Rocklahoma Fests, and oh, so much more. . .

Before Radio - 
Sighted as one of Houston’s more energetic bands, Before Radio hit a quick stride by Immediately striking crowds with easy to swallow songs, and a perplexingly poppy, "bob your head" type command. The energy in the music can build to almost pure chaos, and yet maintain an absolute detail of design. Akin to early Goo Goo Dolls, Descendents, and even traces of Gin Blossoms. Quoter’s from they’re last show here in December, insisted they where “better than radio”.

Sik Mule - 

These guys truly are Sik!!
"Stomp-Rock Groove Blasters!" It's raw, electric, Punk-Drunken Bluesy Rock. They got that soulful sound & wild performance...You're in for a treat!

Satin Hooks - 
This band hit hard in the mid to late 2000”s exhilarating any place they played! 
Whether it be an off the beaten path warehouse, or the West Fest street festivals, This band has a legendary status of there own, bringing down the house In a fashion only they could, and its just as surreal as the hooks actually are! Centered in the experimental, but somehow making since, the pleasantry's , the pace, originality and design is something that has never been touched. And Good luck trying, cause they are back, and keeping they're throne!!