1120 Naylor Houston,TX 77002

*MATINEE* New World Story: The Scavenger Of BelFall FILM AND ART SHOW


Premire screening of NWS: The Scavenger of Belfall, There will also be screenings of films by Shibby Pics (GA) and Eric Ayotte (IN) as well as some local films, More info to come! There will also be vendors from all over houston setting up tables so come out to support your scene! Addmission is free!


Punk With A Camera: NWS: The Scavenger Of Belfall
Eric Ayotte: Unlucky
Shibby Pics: Sad Will
Local Shorts Welcomed - Must be between 4-12 mins!


Looking for all the vendors we can!

Stop Talking Trashboat! - Custom Lighters!
McKinley Faas - Cool art!
Punk With A Camera - Cool Photos!
Bunny the sticker company - EPIC Stickers!
MonsterLazer - Cool Art!
Pizza Bastard - Cool Art!
Lauren Boulden - Cool art!
Casady Grace - Cool Art!
Diablo Macabre - Cool Art!


Dee Jay Rock Tha Boat