1120 Naylor Houston,TX 77002

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MCRMC Presents... VICE SQUAD (1982, the movie not the band)

Attn: Current & Future Members
of the Mystic Crystal Revelations Movie Club:

Come out and celebrate all the kick-ass magic of B-grade crime flicks on August 20th with a screening of the one and only, VICE SQUAD. 
(Your pre-screening show will be provided by Harry J., who is really good at 'em and a good friend who has been in the film screening game for a while! Thanks dude!)

SYNOPSIS: A heinously violent pimp named RamRod (performed with nothing but blood, sweat and guts by cult favorite, Wings Hauser) is killing prostitutes in Hollywood. A prostitute named Princess (Season Hubley of Escape From New York) teams up with Vice Squad cops to avenge the life of a friend who died by his villainous hand.

Doors at 9:30
Pre-Show at 10
Feature at 10:30
Hit up Zack at the bar & pick your poison.

Side Note: Also a birthday celebration for me. I am told there will be strawberry cake as it is my favorite.

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